Why is this such a hard concept to grasp for so many? ‘Free’ government money never is free and seldom solves a problem greater than the one it creates.

Marking Time

Sharana Bazaar, Paktika Province

It was my first week of real patrolling in Afghanistan and the second time I had the opportunity to stroll through this bazaar. A bazaar, for those who don’t know, is basically an outdoor mall with stands for everything you could think of. Sharana, as a city, had some really nice areas of their bazaar, with buildings and glass windows, and a not-so-posh side with tents where they sell more in the way of food and less in the way of motorcycles.

I was out with my partner/trainer, buying things and dodging crowds to find people interested in talking. While interviewing a fruit vendor, he told us that the biggest problem in his village was that they had no water supply, which was causing inflation (I wasn’t sure about the logic there since inflation is a national problem and local villages tended to only produce crops…

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  1. As a reader back in the States, (Minnesota), there is no better reporting than from those on the ground. Your observations are educating a far too distant or distracted minded population here back home. Forget about concerns on grammar. Thanks for taking time to educate us.

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