This is it, the first attempt at actually doing a blog.  Wish me luck…

Here it is 0500; another day begins for me in Afghanistan.  It actually started about 90 minutes ago, which although I really don’t like waking so early, I have accepted it as my ‘normal’ while here.

I should have went and ran, but instead I got on the computer and, well, here I am, trying to write.  I have not written anything substantial since college English, which was a long time ago.  So expect grammatical & style errors and you will not be disappointed.
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  1. Luke Heikkila says:

    Glad to see you’re giving it a shot Dan…I suspect our paths will cross at some point in April. Hope all’s well.

  2. danbohmer says:

    I will be here when you arrive. Travel safe. See you soon.

    • Luke Heikkila says:

      Dan, are you with the PAO? What’s your job function? I’ve been seeing photos taken by you and Davin, just curious to know what your role is with ZADT. As I’m thinking about to bring with me I’m wondering if I should upgrade my still camera (I don’t really want to). I’m thinking if I could tap into the photos taken by ZADT for my blog (and documentary) while I’m out with the ZADT I could focus on video and borrow shots taken during the meetings/patrols/etc…since I’ve got you, what does Internet connectivity look like? I’ll have a laptop and ethernet cable, will a civilian have a place to plug in and work from time to time? (with, or without Internet). If you’d prefer to take this off-line my email is lheikkila (at) tpt (dot) org.

  3. El Guapo says:

    What you’re doing (the soldiering, not the blogging) is incredible, and something I have nothing but admiration for.
    And what you’re doing (the blogging, not the soldiering) shouldn’t be anything but fun, grammar and spelling aside.
    Looking forward to seeing where you take it.

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