FOB Apache sits on a hill, cojoined to an Afghan National Army (ANA) base, Camp Eagle, that is about 4-5 times bigger.  For some reason FOB Apache and Camp Eagle do not show up on Google maps, but FOB Lagman does.  FOB Lagman is a mile or two away as the crow flies.  If you Google Qalāt-e Ġilzay, Afghanistan you will see The Castle, which is just down the hill from Apache.  We are north-northwest of the Castle & west of FOB Lagman. Apache is pretty small, which suites me well.  There are essentially three distinct sections:  the very small, original section is crowded with little wooden buildings, used for housing/offices; the newer, more open section that has a few Afghan style brick & mortar buildings and a lot of tents. and the large open, motor pool, flight line, storage yard, etc. area.

We live in the newer section, in tents along with the civilian contractors that work for DynCorp.  The civilians are primarily third country nationals (TCNs) from Pakistan, India and Kenya, but there are other countries represented too.  We have a Romanian Infantry Battalion living over here too.  They occupy the ‘hard’ buildings.

Although it may not sound great, the tents are not too bad.  They are Alaska Small Shelter Systems, 20’x32.5′ and we have no more than 8 Soldiers in a tent.  They are heated/air-conditioned and everyone has subdivided them into private living areas.

I share my tent with 4 others and we built out the inside so you can hardly tell you are in a tent.  We divided it into 6 equal sized rooms.  The ‘extra’ room serves as our common area in which we built a table and installed a 46″ flat screen TV with Blu-Ray.  It is a pretty nice & comfortable space.

We have a small, but adequate Dining Facility (DFAC – only the old Soldiers call them Messhalls) and a decent gym & Morale, Welfare, Recreation (MWR) building.  The MWR has computers (with free internet) and phones (not free) for all the Soldiers to use.  Some Soldiers and civilians on Apache have tried to buy commercial internet for their own use in their living areas, but have largely been unsuccessful.  The FOB Mayor had looked to get a commercial system to offer FOB-wide wi-fi, but with the pending draw down in Afghanistan, I suspect that will not happen.

For me, the only thing I truly miss is the ability to go for a run outside.  Camp Eagle has a soccer stadium right outside our front gate and it has a 1/4 mile crushed gravel track, there are also several miles of paved roads and the fence perimeter road although not paved, it is well packed.  When I was here in May, I ran over there almost daily and I ran the perimeter several times after I arrived in October.

Due to the increased green on blue threat (Afghan on Coalition Forces), that option was terminated for members of our team.  But the soccer field continued to be used by Soldiers from other units.  Unfortunately, in early January, several US Soldiers were targeted by a rogue Afghan Soldier while they played football there.  One Soldier was killed and two were injured.  It was a sad day for our small community at FOB Apache – to lose the life of a Soldier at the hands of one of our Afghan partners.

I have tried running around Apache and out in the open area it isn’t too bad.  I have figured out how to make a loop almost 1.25 miles long, but it is very dusty and lumpy as it is mostly a cross-country route.  I have not ran out there since mid-January because it has been too wet, muddy or snowy.  The weather has improved so within a few more days I should be able to get out there again.  I have talked to the DynCorp site manager about grading a track & he has promised to do it…we’ll see.

I would like to load pictures, but the connection speed is slow so the uploads take too long.  I put pictures on Facebook & DVIDS if you want to look.  Someday I plan to take  the time to add some here.

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  2. […] in late November, which required me to spend 2 days there.  Otherwise I have spent my time at Apache or traveling Zabul Province.  Hopefully I will continue that trend for the next 5 […]

  3. […] or two away as the crow flies”.  That is actually what I had written in one of my first posts (here)…how and why did it become a search term?  […]

  4. Excellent. Many thanks for serving our country, and please do pass that along to everyone else at the base. Hang tough, keep smiling, will keep you in my prayers.

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  6. Jodie says:

    🙂 thanks for visiting my blog :). Stay safe and I look forward to reading more about the FOB

  7. giliar says:

    Thanks for following my Hump Day Report blog! Most of all, thanks for your service!!!!!!

  8. Harvey F Pelley, proud grandfather of PFC Adam Pelley says:

    Hi Dan,
    First of all, thanks for your service. Secondly, when will you be leaving for the States and what base will you be returning to.

  9. Harvey F. Pelley says:

    Dan, are you home now?

  10. Michael Jeffcoat says:

    My daughter is at FOB Apache, thanks for your blog, I have a better understanding of things there. Also, thanks for your service. Michael Jeffcoat, USMC Ret.

  11. matt says:

    Hey dick bags. Delete your comments and delete this post. There is far too much information posted here. OPSEC!

  12. Be safe and thanks,God Bless for what you do!

  13. dee sullivan says:

    I have a son heading to Apache soon with 3rdID combat engineers. is now in kandahar. you all take care over there. we appreciate all of you

  14. Your personal blog, “Forward Operating Base Apache
    lookin’ thru my eyes” was in fact definitely worth commenting on! Only desired to mention you truly did a good job. Thanks a lot -Micah

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  16. misswhiplash says:

    Thank you so much for following my blog. I really do appreciate it.
    I send you my love and I pray for your safety and for that of the other soldiers anywhere in the world. Such brave souls that you are.
    I look forward to getting to know you better and hearing about your adventures in the wilderness
    lots of Love patrecia

    • danbohmer says:

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Hi Dan, I was up in your area last week end and spent Sat. at Larson Welding Company for a Spring “Steam Up”, over in Fargo. I do have one question however, don’t you all have Spring. We fought our way home through 5-6″ of snow. Wow, what a way to treat visitors. But I’ll be back in mid June to visit the WMSTR at Rollag. Come out and get greasy with us. Grandson Adam is over at FOB Apache now and he is very non-commital as to what is going on over there. Can you offer any clues?
        Best wishes, Harvey Pelley

      • danbohmer says:

        The snow may be gone by June. It is snowing right now & we should have another 2 inches or so before it is done.

        Sorry I cannot offer much insight as to what is going on or what it is like over there. Apache was in the midst of a big expansion when I left last September, I probably would not even recognize it any longer.

  17. misswhiplash says:

    I see that TillyB ( the laughing Housewife) is on your blog roll, she is a great friend of could not have chosen better

  18. Deb Grizzell says:

    We’re making a poster tonight with pics of my brother-in-law, Capt. Jacob Robinson (at FOB Apache), for my daughter’s 4th grade class. Thanks for putting this blog together, and thanks for serving. Tell Capt. Robinson hello for us, if you see him. He’s a Field Surgeon.

  19. Dnaja Banks says:

    Isn’t this considered OPSEC? Too much info being volunteered.

    • danbohmer says:

      The only ones who would see this as an OPSEC problem would be those wholly unfamiliar with the situation on the ground. Furthermore, since it is now 5+ years old and FOB Apache doesn’t even exist, it really isn’t OPSEC.

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