Kids of Afghanistan

One of the things I was really looking forward to was the chance to interact with the kids.  In my experience kids, anywhere in the world, are generally happier & more friendly than adults.  For the most part that is true here too.  Some of the kids are pretty wary & many hide from the camera, especially the girls.

In the areas where the coalition forces frequent, they cluster around begging for ‘chocolate’ or ‘pens’.  At times it can almost get out of hand as they start to mob the Soldiers that offer anything.  The really sad thing is, sometimes, even when you are nice to them & give them candy, pens, etc., as you are leaving they will throw rocks at you.

The really crazy thing is, they do not seem to do it out of malice, it is just what they do…go figure…
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  2. Wonderful shots of children
    I guess kids will be kids 😉

  3. Anatoliy says:

    All as well as 25 years ago. Baksheesh bacha. I served here 1987-88.

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