It is late here – approaching midnight & obviously I am still awake.  I had to go over to FOB Lagman for a meeting this afternoon & we got back to Apache pretty late tonight.  I had a few things to catch up on before I could be done for the night.  I really should get to bed, but I’m feeling a little extra lonely right now, so I thought I would do a shout out to my family & write a little…

The best thing about FOB Lagman is that is where our mail goes, so when we go there we also pick up mail.  WooHoo – I had mail!  I really like getting mail, although I am horrible about sending mail.  My beautiful wife, Kate, does an awesome job of making sure I have a steady supply of stuff.  Sometimes I actually feel guilty that she spends so much of her time doing that for me.

I am very blessed with her.  Her & the two little kids usually send me lots of artwork they make, amazing cookies that Kennadi helps make, Mountain Dew (I’m addicted & the Mountain Dew we have here comes from the UAE & it sucks), M&M’s & Pringles.  Definitely my favorite Afghanistan food!  OK, it isn’t really Afghanistan food, but it is my favorite food I eat in Afghanistan.

The only real drawback in getting the goodies boxes & letters from home, is it reminds me of all the things I miss.  The list isn’t really that long but it is little things and big things.  Here are some random things, in no particular order:

  1. Touch – it is probably the one thing I definitely miss the most, being touched by and touching my family: Kate, the kids, my mom & dad, my dogs…it’s hard to go so long without being able to hold hands, get or give a hug or a kiss…it actually really sucks a lot
  2. Pizza – I am really needing a Duane’s Pizza fix!  I want it to be one of the first things I eat when I get back to Moorhead in May!
  3. Freedom – the ability to go for walk or jump on the motorcycle or in the car & just go.
  4. Shopping!  I know, I know that sounds dumb coming from a guy, but I love going to Best Buy, Home Depot, Sam’s Club, etc.  I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon, even at home, but nothing beats wandering around the aisles trying to rationalize to myself why I absolutely need the latest gadget.
  5. My bed
  6. My bathroom
  7. Civilian clothes – I would love to be able to wear a pair of jeans!
  8. My ‘stuff’ –  my tools I hardly use (but they are mine), my motorcycle and all my other gadgets
  9. My Sunday morning visits to my Mom & Dad
  10. Just hanging out at home, with Kate & the kids, not doing anything…

Of course there are a lot of other things I miss, but nothing compares to how much I miss Kate & the kids and the ability to touch them.  I can Skype regularly and I am very grateful for that, but nothing can ever replace the ability to touch them…

My Family

Kaylin, Jake, Steph, Sam, me, Kate, Kennadi, Justin, Zach

Do me a favor, when you see Kate, Justin, Steph, Zach, Kaylin, Kennadi, Sam or my mom, remind them that I miss them all like crazy, but love them more…thanks.

good night…

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  1. docreedy says:

    Haha, I know how that goes. You’re almost through, but a note for the guys coming in to replace you: They sell pizza sauce in plastic squeeze bottles that survive nicely in care packages. The shredded cheese you can sometimes sneak from the DFAC, plus this sauce, plus pre-cooked round naan from your neighborhood Afghan baker, plus whatever toppings you can make up actually make for a pretty decent pizza. For Afghanistan. 🙂

    • danbohmer says:

      I am only half-way thru, so I will have plenty of time to give this a try! Thanks

      • LT says:

        Dan, are you still there? If so, you must be coming ‘ home’ soon. i have a loved one headed to Apache and had a few, ( zillion ) questions. Actually, you could easily answer them even if you are back in the USA. Do you have the time?

      • danbohmer says:

        I am home. I left Afghanistan on 17 Sep 12. If you email me your questions, I will build a post around them to provide answers that others may want to know. Email me at

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  3. Jules Knapp says:

    Just browsing the internet and I came across this site “Nine and a half hours ahead”.

    I am trying to find out how long packages take to arrive at FOB Lagman. Can’t find the answer anywhere. At the end of Jan…we sent 17 packages to those who don’t receive them via the CSM.

    Great site…and wonderful pictures. There are alot of blogs out there..but this one is by far the best. Keep up the work…be safe and most importantly thank you!

    I can send you Contadina pizza sauce in the plastic bottle..if ya like!

    Going to finish reading the rest of your blog! Saved to my favorites.

    Jules- Adirondack Mts NY

    • danbohmer says:

      Thanks Jules. Mail transit time is widely variable. I have had packages make it to me in as little as 5 days and others have taken over 30 days. I have had at least 4 packages never make it. Thank you for your kind words and your support.

  4. Jules Knapp says:


    Can I interest you in that bottle of Contadina pizza sauce? We make pizza all the time with it….the bottle says refrigerate after opening but we don’t and it lasts a long time.

    I can send you the chili peppers also. Not sure if you can have pepperoni. If so…a care package can be on it’s way!

    • danbohmer says:

      Why thank you, I would never turn down such a generous offer, including the pepperoni. My address is:

      LTC Daniel F. Bohmer
      Zabul ADT
      FOB Lagman
      APO, AE 09383

      Thanks again,

  5. Jules Knapp says:


    There is a problem….with the above listed items….the large priority mail box is still quite empty. No sense in sending it three quarters empty. Send me an email (can you see my email address) with a list to fill the box. Or take your chances with our pick! 🙂 We make a mean care package. You won’t be disappointed.

    Do you have access to a microwave?

  6. Jules Knapp says:

    Hey Dan,

    We’re off to the store……………..need anything else?

  7. Jules Knapp says:

    Do you have access to a crust or do we need to include a Boboli ready crust. Sorry for the long correspondence but we want the package complete

  8. Jules Knapp says:

    No problem.we’ll hook you up!

  9. Jules says:

    Okay..we’re back. Missed the deadline at the PO…so it will go out Monday @ 4pm EST.

    At that time…you’ll have two large flat rate boxes enroute. Each box has pizza fixings in it..just in case one of the boxes gets lost. The rest is a surprise.

    Please let us know when it arrives…so we can figure out the timeline.

    Enjoy. 🙂

    Cin and Jules

  10. Jules Knapp says:

    We’re back……we missed the deadline at the PO so it will go out Monday @ 4pm EST.

    At that time, you will have two large flat rate boxes enroute. Pizza fixings are in each box just in case one gets lost. The rest is a surprise. 🙂

    Let us know when it arrives so we can figure out the timeline.


    Cin and Jules

  11. Jules Knapp says:

    Nothing yet?

    • danbohmer says:

      Not yet. It usually take close to 2 weeks. Sometime sooner, sometimes later. I will be gone for a few days. Hopefully it will be waiting for me when I get back. It is nice coming back after be out for a while becaus eit is like Christmas with all the mail waiting! I will keep you posted.

  12. Jules Knapp says:

    Okay then…….we were hoping on the sooner.

    Have a safe trip. Talk with you later.

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