A few days ago I got a message from someone on the team – I won’t mention his name – I’ll just call him ‘Davin‘ – chastising me for beginning a blog.  He sent me the following message:

“Blogs are five years ago sir. You need a Twitter account”

SFC Sarah Carlson & 1LT Davin Fischer exuding cool hipness

It is plainly obvious that I will never be able to match the suave hipness of Davin, even with a Twitter account…the thing is, I do have one, I just don’t ‘get’ it…I guess that just makes me hopelessly unhip and 5 years behind.

Me – looking like a picture-taking nerd – no cool hipness here.

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  1. As a 20 year old with a Masters degree in hipness, I herby declare this blog as hipper that twitter. Hip Hip Hurray! 😀

  2. Teri Bohmer says:

    I don’t quite understand the twitter obsession. It just seems insane to me that people “tweet” I am at dinner at…and then” who really has that much time or interest in minute by minute details. If youre that interesting perhaps I will follow you as soon as I learn how to!! HAHA

  3. John Bohmer says:

    I don’t ‘get’ Twitter either. I have the account and play ‘Words With Friends” with my closest friends and tweet my victories. A guy in my class was trying to educate me on the Twitter thing but I don’t agree that it is a worthwhile source. It’s just people writing whatever they want without oversight and I don’t understand how to sort through the cloud. My classmate says he just follows select individuals. I chose some to follow but found that I never look at my twitter account.

  4. free penny press says:

    Tell Coolio Davin, if you did not have a blog, how would we see the pictures on Twitter.. 🙂

  5. Genie says:

    I have to count myself as uncool, because I don’t get Twitter at all. I do enjoy this blog both the words and the photos.

  6. […] has only brought me a measly 187 hits.  I guess the Tweeters are too cool to look at a blog (as discussed here).  A lot of folks find me through other blogs.  The blog that has brought me the most fame is […]

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