All About Me!

We went to KAF today…I am damn glad I do not have to spend time there!  It was an event filled trip, but nothing ‘bad’.  Anyway, it was close to 1900 before we got back to Apache.  I had hoped to write something witty and/or informative before I went to bed, but I have run out of time & ideas.  Well, except for the idea that follows.

I take a lot of pictures & I post them to Facebook, Shutterfly and DVIDS.  I actually place two different sets of pictures (with some duplicates) in two different places on Facebook – my personal page & the units’ page.  Now I have also started placing pictures here; generally they will be different than the other locations.

It is no surprise that I am seldom in any pictures, as I am usually the one taking them.  occasionally someone will snap a few photos of me & send them to me.  A few  of me were emailed to me while I was gone today.  I decided that since it is late & I don’t feel like writing about the KAF journey, I would put these up & call it my blog for the day!

LTC Bohmer on the Bobcat

Moving dirt and rock as we reconfigure our force protection in our living area

LTC Bohmer leaving on mission

Heading to the truck this morning, my name was called & a picture was snapped…

KAF Mission Brief

Me standing in the back, listening to the mission brief for KAF this morning

LTC Bohmer

Another shot of me in the Bobcat

LTC Bohmer & SFC Strangstalien

Tearing down the old HESCOs

LTCs Bohmer & DeGier

Talking to Ken DeGier about the remodel

I will plan to do the KAF trip, with pictures, tomorrow.

btw – I made it past 2000 views today – I am still obsessed with monitoring my blog statistics!  Thanks for reading & pushing my statistics higher than I ever expected.

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9 responses »

  1. Luke Heikkila says:

    What’s the weather like?

    • danbohmer says:

      suprisingly about what it is like in MN right now. At this time (0630 19 MAR 12) it is 57, clear & windy. Well, it really isn’t ‘clear’, visibility is markedly reduced from the dust, but there are no clouds. The wind blows a lot – even more than in Fargo-Moorhead…

  2. Ben says:

    See you there shortly. I’m on an SFAT team.

  3. John Bohmer says:

    The photographs you typically post are interesting but it’s certainly nice to see some from the other side of you as well. Thanks for the pictures.

    Safe travels.

  4. intuitiveone says:

    fantastic and very interesting. thank you for your service! Be safe.

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