I was gone on mission most of the day. Not an ‘exciting’ mission, but important. Before I wrote, I read this and had to share.

Although here at Apache the conditions are infinitely better than those described here, the calls are similar. Problems at home are just as hard on those at home as they are on the Soldiers forward. In fact I often think those at home may have it harder.  No easy solution, no easy answer…heartbreaking for all.


My favorite place at Forward Operating Base Shoja no longer exists.

A mud hut…imagine an igloo made with mud bricks–and every bit as cold as an icehouse. It was the most tender place, pulsing with palpable, raw emotions.

Anger. Longing. Love. Frustration. Impatience. Aching.

The mud hut was the original Morale Welfare Recreation center. It had a low arched ceiling sheltering nine computers on tables with long, low benches that rocked the whole row of soldiers whenever anyone sat down and got up to leave. There were four telephones on another wooden table, pushed up against the brick wall. (The mud hut was razed to the ground in early 2012 and replaced with a fancy tent with double the phones and computers.)

Books and boxes were piled helter-skelter near the entrance. There was one wobbly chair a soldier could sit in to wait for a phone or computer. Usually they…

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