Shower Stories and Bathroom Pictures

Here are a couple quick shower stories & a few more shots of our latrines.

As I mentioned earlier, hygiene habits among our fellow Apache residents sometimes gives you pause.  The most unusual experience I have had yet, was a few months ago.

As I was preparing to get into the shower, I couldn’t help but notice there seemed to be a lot of ‘activity’ behind the curtain on the shower stall 2 away from me.  As I was contemplating gathering my things to move to a different latrine trailer, two TCNs emerged from the shower together, happily chatting away in their native tongue, oblivious that some might find it odd that they showered together.  After all, there were 7 empty showers at that time.

Another common and annoying event is some of these guys must have an aversion to the actual showers, because they bathe in the sink.  As you can see in the pictures, there is not an over abundance of room & in most cases the sink is about 2 feet away from the shower; yet they will stand there for 15 minutes washing their entire body in the sink.  To me it is a little disturbing to be brushing my teeth 18 inches away from a guy that is sticking his feet into the sink to wash them.

The other day I was next to a bushy haired TCN that would lather up his face and hair & then shake it like a dog under the running water.  He was covering me and everything else in the bathroom with his soapy water and seemed to be completely oblivious.  He then proceeded to wash the rest of his body using the hand soap dispenser and paper towels.

Oh, for those of you that will be visiting here, another odd thing you may notice is people bringing water bottles into the toilet with them.  They are not concerned about getting thirsty while in there.  The water bottles are used to ‘rinse’ rather than using toilet paper…


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  1. free penny press says:

    One of the hardest things I had to learn while in the Army was using the bathroom with another person in there.. ugh.. don’t think I ever did get used to that..
    Thanks for the tour of el bano!!!

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