Stuff at 70mm plus

Another day has passed, which means I am one day closer to home.  But, it was one of those days that leave you wondering if the end will come soon enough.  One of those days that leave you exhausted, not physically, but mentally and yet you really do not know why.  But, it is over.  Time to go to sleep & hope that tomorrow will be brighter, less stressful and productive.

I spent a few minutes this morning walking around Apache with my camera because I wanted to see what I could find that is picture worthy.  I had planned to shoot everything at 70mm (more like 105mm on my camera), but then I saw some things I just HAD to zoom in on.  So I have a few pictures that are shot at 200mm (300mm on my camera).

I need one of you smart photographers to give me some tips on how to make my images better.  What can I do to make the colors more vibrant in this flat, hazy light?

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  1. Aaron Staines says:

    Uh-oh, no pics!

  2. Hi Dan, I’m not sure if I qualify to give any photography tips being quite the amateur myself but I use a simple program called Picasa which can be downloaded here. I used it in Afghanistan as well for my photos and it really did make a difference in adding richness of hues and depth in the brown, dusty landscape. Hope that helps. Sharon

  3. Aaron Staines says:

    Another great set of pics- thanks especially for the shot of the soccer stadium on Eagle. My very close friend Matt has been standing guard along the wall between Apache and Eagle. This is the first time I’ve been able to see exactly what it’s like on his deployment. I can’t tell you how good it is to have these pictures.

    Thanks and take care.

  4. Sherry says:

    I found your page via the Soldiers’ Angels forums! Thank you so much for your service and for sharing your thoughts and photos. I hope you are safely home really soon! Take care, God Bless and HUGS from Texas!

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