Two of my gifts of love & life from God. Kaylin & Sam blowing bubbles summer 2011.

Ok, maybe that is a little melodramatic, but it sounded better then I’m a little disappointed.  The bubble isn’t completely burst, but a little deflated.

As I have blogged before, I am fascinated with my blog statistics and how rapidly they have climbed.  I am hoping I will go over 8000 views today (1 Apr 12).

In my mind, I had the ego inflating idea that it meant that I had thousands of adoring fans all over the world.  I was a writer/photographer extraordinaire…ok, I didn’t actually believe that; but I did believe I had thousands of people looking at my ‘stuff’.

Well, I was informed today that the key to getting a lot of views (& hence why my numbers are so high) is that I post a lot of pictures in galleries, which requires lots of clicks to look at them.  Bummer, that means I have like 6 people looking at my stuff & each of them have clicked about 1200 times.  That is not nearly as ego inflating or impressive.  In fact, what if it is only my wife & my mom looking at this thing & they have each clicked 4000 times?  That’s depressing…but thanks Kate & Mom for doing all that clicking, it made me feel important and interesting for a couple weeks.

Oh, thanks to the other 3-4 that might be looking too 😉


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  1. Andrea says:

    Don’t be discouraged; I think you’re doing a great job and your topics are very interesting. I’m part of Soldier’s Angels and if it makes you feel better, your name and blog address was on the forums where other angels were commenting about your writings. And fyi, they were all saying good things and encouraging others to check it out, which is how I found it. I personally think it helps us angels to better connect with the soldiers we adopt because it gives us insight from a real soldiers perspective. I would encourage you not to worry so much about the numbers but just enjoy your hobby. I know I enjoy reading your posts. If you’d like more traffic, I can post the link on Facebook and I live on the east coast. Just let me know! Sorry to talk so long but hang in there and remember, any small change eventually adds up to a have a big result…it just takes time:) let me know if you need anything!

    r hobby. Ill definitrly aren’t, it.would still be just as great. Who knows, you might be learning something through this process. And when your family grows up, you will have a collection of all of your experiences to share. I say fo

    • Andrea says:

      Disreguard the last jumbled mess of words at the bottom. I’m typing on my phone and its being weird, haha

    • danbohmer says:

      Thank you for the kind words. I honestly am ok with things, this was really a tongue in cheek post, although I really do constantly watch my statistics. It does motivate me to keep at it. Feel free to share as much as you would like. The more people that read & enjoy, the better.

  2. If you get something like Flag Counter, you can see how many UNIQUE visitors you get from each country (or at least unique IP addresses) which is a more realistic indication. You’re right, you could have 100 views from one person.

  3. free penny press says:

    I read your posts so count my clicks.

    Love the picture of your daughter. My children are my wonderful gifts from the universe as well..
    Stay well and I have only had my blog about a month, but one way to get more people reading is to comment or at least like others posts..

    I have already cyber-met so many creative folks.. such as yourself 🙂

  4. Andy says:

    Funny post. Don’t worry there are a bunch of “unique clickers” out here. Keep up the good work soldier. Thank you for sharing your experiences and your family.

    Stay safe.

  5. Luke Heikkila says:

    Clicks = time spent on your blog AND impressions made. Both good things. People, unique visitors or not, are spending a lot of time combing through your photos and you’re definitely providing readers with a perspective they cannot find ANYWHERE else. In hopes of improving my ‘click stats’ I’ve changed the design of my wordpress page…previously people could scroll through the entire page and see all of my entries without clicking, now I have a design that ‘teases’, by providing a brief synopsis of each entry, to read more (OR NOT) readers now will be required to click a few more times.

    In 25 days you’ve lapped me and I’ve been active since October. You’re giving people what they want…pictures. Keep it up!

    • danbohmer says:

      Thanks Luke. I don’t think I ever actually acknowledged that I started mine because of the questions you had asked me a month ago. I hope I can contiue to offer something that interests people. See you soon!

      • Luke Heikkila says:

        Looked through my stat page this morning and thought of you…I registered a click from…wait for it…Iceland. WordPress is a mutual admiration society…’you like me?’ ‘well, then I like you’. But underneath all of that I do really appreciate you taking the time to post photos; it’s given me some fuel to burn on as I think about this trip. Won’t say too much, but logistics are set; I know who I’m meeting, when I meeting him and where the meet will happen. Well-oiled machine the ZADT is.

      • danbohmer says:

        Hooah! I had an Icelander too! So not only did I surpass 8000, but I had an Icelander on my birthday. What more could a guy ask for? I counted today & I had views from 46 countries. My next benchmark will be 50…see you soon. Travel safe.

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  7. Jules Knapp says:

    Don’t be discouraged…………I found this site while browsing and now it’s saved to my favorites. You’re blogs are very informative and your picture taking skills are incredible.

    It’s easier for us, state side, to better understand the conditions..not to mention your descriptive account of ammenities.

    You would have more clicks if the person who is with you provided an accurate title of your blog…he said it was “10 1/2 hours ahead.”

    Nonetheless…know that people are here and interested. Keep up the good work.

    Happy Birthday with or without 8K clicks!

    Cin and Jules

    • danbohmer says:

      Thank you for your thoughts & clicks. When I started it was 10 1/2 hours ahead, but then Daylight Savings Time & Afghanistan doesn’t participate, so I am now only 9 1/2 hours ahead. Truth in advertising – I felt I needed to change the name 😉

      Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  8. There is something truly exhilarating about blog stats. When I first started blogging I promised myself that I wouldn’t get caught up by it, but that’s impossible. I have been blogging for 4 months now and just broke 800 views and I cant believe that many people actually read my nonsense!
    You’re doing an amazing job with or without 8000 views 🙂

    • danbohmer says:

      Thanks again. The stats are really the thing that drew me in. I wish WP broke the US down by state and/or had a widget that would allow people to put a ‘reading from’ stat. Also, I think your ‘nonsense’ is intersting & obviously so do a lot of others.

  9. Marian says:

    Reality is such a rude awakening. LOL! Well keep posting no matter how many or few readers. I find your pictures interesting and different (in a good way) from others that have been posted.

  10. Dan, Thank you for visiting my blog, but more importantly thank you for your service! Actually my husband who is with Habitat for Humanity was presenting his veterans program to the Disabled Veterans (DAV) convention here in Texas on Friday night. (you might like to see my blog about it: Days 47 & 48 Mad Lib – for a good laugh). Thank you again for all you do for us!

  11. dan says:

    you can count me in for about “100 clicks”. i checked out all the pics. love the cargo handling photos. would love to see some of those techniques on interstate 95.

    • danbohmer says:

      Thanks. If they ever build an overpass in this country it will completely alter their ability to haul things. Unless they build it really tall!

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