Summertime Bubbles

This morning an idea for a quick post popped into my head (Bursting My Bubble) after reading a comment by someone about my page views.  I knew I had pictures of the kids playing with bubbles, so I thought I would use one with a bursting bubble to provide a visual for the post.  Besides, it was an excuse to use a picture of the kids, my favorite subjects.  Now if you were one the people that didn’t actually click the picture, you may have missed the bubble popping in Sam’s right hand.  I would recommend you go back & look.

Looking through my pictures (I have about 60,000 images on my computer) it really made me miss home and once again reminded me all the things I have missed & will miss in the coming months.  I really liked the series of pictures I took of Kaylin blowing bubbles for her baby brother & decided I would put them on here.

I didn’t expect to write too much about my family or my personal life.  I had planned to keep the blog focused on Afghanistan.  But I decided that some times I will do something different.  Today is one of those times.

Thanks for looking and feel free to click as many times as you want 😉


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  1. Cute son! I cannot really see what you posted…except the pictures…

  2. These pictures are soo awesome! Not only is your son absolutely adorable, the pictures are so beautifully taken.
    Awesome job! 😀

  3. Cheryl L says:

    Beautiful pictures! What a lovely family you have 🙂
    BTW, I check in with your blog everytime I get a reminder of a new posting…I really enjoy it. Thanks!

  4. Marian says:

    great pictures. look at Sam’s 2 cute front teeth. thanks for sharing your family.

  5. […] Summertime Bubbles ( […]

  6. […] Summertime Bubbles ( […]

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