I got mail today – lots of mail today.  It is a great feeling to unload the truck and discover packages & letters just for you.

I got SIX boxes of good stuff today.

FOB Apache doesn’t have a Post Office, so our mail is sent from KAF to FOB Lagman.  We pick it up at Lagman when we go there for meetings or Soldiers need other things that we do not have at Apache, like finance or the PX.  We generally go no more than 3 days between mail runs, and often go more frequently.

However, just because we go to Lagman more frequently, doesn’t mean we will have mail waiting for us.  The mail is generally delivered to Lagman by air and as everyone knows, air is cancelled or delayed frequently.

Our unit receives a lot of mail compared to other units.  We have a disproportionate number of senior ranked Soldiers with good connections in the States, so we get a lot of stuff, so none of us are really suffering from lack of ‘stuff’.   It really is wonderful to be so well supplied by the generosity of strangers and we are all very thankful for it, but nothing compares to the feeling of getting ‘stuff’ from the ones you love & know you best.

A sampling of some of my favorite things.

My beautiful wife Kate has done an awesome job of keeping me supplied with the things I love (Mountain Dew – the elixir of life, M&M’s, chips & her delicious homemade cookies).  My sister Nancy has made it a habit of keeping me stocked with more junk food I love, i.e. beef sticks, chips, candy bars).  I have also received many additional packages from family, friends and strangers.  It really is incredible to have such wonderful, strong support from everyone.

I also receive mountains of cards and letters, mostly from Kate & the little kids (Kennadi & Sam).  I rarely have a mail day without 2-3 drawings or something from those two.  Of course Sam’s are little more than splotches of color on paper, but it is still treasure every one.

Another shot of my favorite junk food. The Mountain Dew really should be out front 😉

Have a great Army day!


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  1. Jules Knapp says:

    Nice stash!

    You need to start seeking out a package or two of mozzarella cheese….ya got about a week! Ready……………………….go!

  2. Jules Knapp says:

    Barter some of that Mountain Dew!!!!

    There was no way I could have sent the cheese.

  3. Jules Knapp says:

    Is Lasagna on the menu of your FOB?? Have you got a friend who works in the kitchen?

    Afghan store?? Excuse my ignorance if that’s a no no!

    Lastly you can try and make some in the microwave…..looked it up milk and something called rennant…whatever that is.

    I’ve seen it done..without any means of cooking or additives. Water actually separated and became a block the size of a milk container. Those people can come up with 1000 ways to “cook” ramen….if you smell my smoke. (explanation is inside the box)

    Crap………out of thoughts.

  4. 800feetagl says:

    Mail, when it is from someone you know, is the best morale lifter their is.

  5. Jules Knapp says:

    There is nothing like treats from home….just like sleeping in your own bed or taking a shower in your own shower.

    We’re hoping the packages are halfway there. We hope to be second best!

    IF you can’t find the cheese……we did include grated parmesan. That’s it….we’re not telling anymore.

  6. Getting care packages from family and strangers is a big moral booster…

  7. We hope you’ve received an Operation Gratitude care package during your deployment! http://www.OperationGratitude.com

    THANK YOU for your service!

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