A Peek at Qalat

As I mentioned yesterday in Kids of Qalat, I went with on a recent visit to Qalat.  The purpose of our visit was to deliver agricultural supplies to the Director of Agriculture. Irrigation and Livestock (DAIL).  The two previous teams had purchased a large amount of supplies (shovels, rakes, scythes, water cans, etc.) that they used for ‘give aways’ when they conducted Ag Seminars.

We have shifted the focus of our team into a mentoring role, attempting to get the DAIL staff to plan and conduct the seminars.  As such, we had no need for the supplies and now the DAIL has some supplies he can use as seminar incentives.

The big event the DAIL staff have been dealing with the last few weeks has been the distribution of free government supplied wheat.  They have two kinds to hand out:  edible wheat and seed wheat.  The members of our Ag Team were instrumental in helping the DAIL develop a comprehensive, written, distribution plan.  The DAIL & his staff have done a remarkable job in developing and following the plan.

The were many people at the DAIL compound collecting their wheat while we were there.  It is really interesting to watch as everyone is constantly pushing and shoving rather than just waiting their turn.  The policeman are also very aggressive in keeping people under control.  They do not hesitate to push and shove or swing their sticks at folks.

In Afghanistan, Elders hold a lot of power and that is also easy to see as the older men are clearly ‘in charge’.

It was a nice little walk, but i didn’t get to see a lot,  but I do hope to get out to see more soon.


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