It has been 1 week since I last updated everyone on my blog stats.  At that time I had surpassed 8000 views in my first month of blogging and I think that is pretty cool.  I certainly would not have predicted I would attract that many readers/viewers/clickers/followers/whateverers.

Now, for all you professional blogger-types, know it is not cool or proper to write a blog post about the blog (I read it somewhere about how to write a proper blog that will attract lots of loyal followers) but I am obviously not a professional blogger-type, this is my blog so I can do what I want, even if it isn’t proper and I am completely amazed at the number and diversity of the readers/viewers/clickers/followers/whateverers – even if they only visit once.

So here goes a stat update on my blog.  As of 1849 (Afghanistan time) 12 April 2012 I have had 12,322 total views since 5 March 2012!  My highest one-day view count is 838 on 26 March 2012.  I have had readers/viewers/clickers/followers/whateverers from the 50 countries listed below in the order of the number of views.  I expect I have so many Romanian readers because they live and work beside us at FOBs Apache, Viper & Bullard.  By the way, Romania is near the top of my list of places I want to visit.

United States FlagUnited States
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom
Romania FlagRomania
Canada FlagCanada
Philippines FlagPhilippines
Finland FlagFinland
Germany FlagGermany
Australia FlagAustralia
India FlagIndia
Kuwait FlagKuwait
Afghanistan FlagAfghanistan
Netherlands Antilles FlagNetherlands Antilles
Pakistan FlagPakistan
Iceland FlagIceland
Norway FlagNorway
Kyrgyzstan FlagKyrgyzstan
Denmark FlagDenmark
Japan FlagJapan
Colombia FlagColombia
Thailand FlagThailand
Turkey FlagTurkey
Greece FlagGreece
Hong Kong FlagHong Kong
Korea, Republic of FlagRepublic of Korea
Israel FlagIsrael
Bosnia and Herzegovina FlagBosnia and Herzegovina
Argentina FlagArgentina
South Africa FlagSouth Africa
Ireland FlagIreland
United Arab Emirates FlagUnited Arab Emirates
Italy FlagItaly
Russian Federation FlagRussian Federation
Costa Rica FlagCosta Rica
Saudi Arabia FlagSaudi Arabia
Netherlands FlagNetherlands
Belgium FlagBelgium
Indonesia FlagIndonesia
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand
Czech Republic FlagCzech Republic
Poland FlagPoland
Cyprus FlagCyprus
Singapore FlagSingapore
France FlagFrance
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland
Malaysia FlagMalaysia
Mexico FlagMexico
Paraguay FlagParaguay
Austria FlagAustria
Spain FlagSpain
Sweden FlagSweden

I would like to highlight that I have had visitors from Iceland and Italy, but not from Fiji…

Thanks to everyone for helping keep me motivated to keep this endeavor going.  I appreciate the visits, the likes & the comments.  Please keep them coming & give me your ideas on what you want to know about and questions you have about what is going on in my life over here.

Take care,



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...just another guy moving through life Everything posted here is my personal opinion and in no way reflects an opinion, thought or representation of anyone else or any organization.

8 responses »

  1. Yay!! Congratulations! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your blog’s rising fame. There are not many bloggers writing from downrange. You are an important and unique breed. HOOAH!!!

    • danbohmer says:


      For some reason your comments where in the spam folder. I moved them out, but I usually do not look through that folder, i just hit empty! I wonder if I have lost other legitimate comments from you & others. Anyway, I appreciate the comments. I wish WordPress would like my little blog…

  3. Tilly Bud says:

    Those are excellent stats for a first month.

    It’s your blog; you can right about whatever you like. Don’t let anybody tell you different.

    • Tilly Bud says:

      Eek! ‘write’!!

      That’s going to haunt me now.

      • danbohmer says:

        No worries, but don’t you hate it when that happens? You could blog about it. I can’t believe the number of times I send someone an email and then discover I used ‘there’ instead of ‘their’ or ‘here’ instead of ‘hear’, etc…

    • danbohmer says:

      thanks – watching my stats has kept me motivated to keep at it, so i will continue to do so & I’m sure I will continue to write about it!

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