Burning Poo

Burning poo

KAF has its infamous Poo Pond, an olfactory treat that is enjoyed by all that visit.  It is really the icing on the cake of suck that permeates life at KAF.  The stench, especially on a sweltering hot, dusty day is probably the worst thing about that place.  The single worst thing at COP Mizan has to be the task of burning the poo.

I wrote about the pitfalls of our toilets in Toilets on the FOB, but that mostly described the situation on FOB Apache.  COP Mizan is unique from the other FOBs because it doesn’t have any flush toilets or even a standard Porta-John.  It has an old-fashioned outhouse and piss tubes.  Well, they are really fancy piss tubes. They have been semi-enclosed and connected to porcelain urinals.,  it gives the illusion of using a regular urinal, but there is not water or flush mechanism and the stench is a bit stronger than in a dirty bathroom in a dirty bar.

The outhouse for the other end of the bathroom business is pretty fancy as outhouses go.  It’s a 5-holer with individually divided stalls for privacy.  It even has a AC/heater unit installed.  I don’t remember it having heat when I was here in December, so it could be a newer addition.  Either that or the fact that the outhouse is single-layer plywood and the stalls are enclosed, it doesn’t do a lot of good.  Instead of a hole in the ground, there are poo buckets under the holes.

The poo buckets are emptied and burned twice a day.  As you can imagine, it is an unpleasant task.  The Soldiers assigned poo duty load them in the back of the UTV and haul them out to the burn pit.  They are dumped into burn barrels, diesel fuel is added and the burning begins.  The contents needs to be stirred occasionally to ensure complete burning.

There are no females that live at COP Mizan full-time, but female Soldiers do visit when their missions take them here.  They have a separate, single hole outhouse ready for them.

I won’t talk about the outhouse down on the ANA end of the base, it is really beyond description and pictures of it do not belong online…


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  1. 800feetagl says:

    When bored infantrymen start burning poo, there always seems to be a flaming poo stick being waved about in the air….

  2. Marian says:

    i don’t even know what to say…please tell me that this job is rotated so everybody gets a chance to “wave a poo stick”

  3. Jules Knapp says:

    But rank has it’s privileges……………………right!

    Korea has a “stench” that permeates the air. Here..liquid manure is a smell I just can’t get use to. People in town walk around with it on their boots while they shop, go to the bank, eat at McD’s or whathaveyou!

    Fire extinguisher on the female’s latrine? Does the female latrine have a place to “park” or is it also a hole. Guess it’s an acquired trait…..aiming for the hole. A workout for your quads…………….that can’t be comfortable!

    I can’t even imagine what would be so bad that the ANA’s pooper can’t be online.

    Your blogs are quite informative…………………keep up the good work. I must say…I would have never known!

    • danbohmer says:

      yes, yes it does.

      They have fire extinguishers everywhere, but it does look funny to see this picture without the context of the surrounding area. I did no look in the female latrine, but I would guess it is just like the guy’s crapper in that it has a seat mounted to the plywood box that holds the poo bucket.

      The ANA outhouse…from the outside it looks similar to the female latrine, but with ‘seepage’ oozing out the bottom. The inside was gag-fully horrific. I couldn’t bring myself to snap a picture. The image is unfortunately etched in mind, I don’t want a live picture reminder. You don’t either…trust me on that.

  4. Jules Knapp says:

    So basically the ANA’s don’t regularly burn their poop AND the person wielding the poo stick chores doesn’t have to burn the ANA’s.

    What about the splashback factor? No lights either? Nothing like having to take a wizz or worse in the middle of the night!

  5. kafoodie says:

    KAF is looking better and better. Thanks.

  6. Jules Knapp says:

    Now you’ve got me wondering about the basic things we take for granted………..if you are out of subjects one of these days…….laundry.

    Have I thanked you today? Thank you and all your comrades for ALL that you do.

    • danbohmer says:

      Thanks for the tip. Kate has also given me a few more that should be of interest. I’m going to have to right them down somewhere so i don’t forget. But then I will forget that I wrote them down somewhere…

  7. shianwrites says:

    This is so funny. This is what I love about all your post. You let us in, no matter what.

  8. Jules Knapp says:

    You make US laugh!

  9. Elisa says:

    I’m so far away and you’ve got me almost gagging from the smell….sorry you have to endure that, but you sure have the right mindset to handle it.


  10. Snuffy, Joe says:


  11. BackSeatHump says:

    Shit Burning Detail – APO 96312

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