Shots from a Blackhawk

I left COP Mizan today and returned to FOB Apache.  It was the routine thing, sit on the HLZ for a couple of hours waiting for the aircraft.  Almost all of my flights have been on contracted civilian aircraft.  I have only taken a couple flights on military birds.  But either way, the windows in the aircraft are generally scratched, dirty plexiglass so pictures usually are not that great.  In fact, I started packing my camera in my ruck instead of keeping it out hoping for a good shot.

So, there I was lounging on the rocks against my ruck when the UH-60 Blackhawks came swooping over the ridgeline towards the Mizan HLZ.  As they circled in their approach I quietly cursed myself for not having my camera out to take a couple of shots at the dramatic entrance.  Then I noticed they had the windows out!  Double damn me!  Of course my camera was tucked snugly in my ruck when I was finally given an excellent opportunity to get some aerial shots without a dirty barrier in the way!

Moving as quickly as I could, I got my gear on and made my way to the aircraft.  I grabbed a door seat, threw my ruck on floor and proceeded to get the camera out with lightening speed (that might be a slight over dramatization, but let’s go with it).  Luckily I was fast enough to have the camera ready & my seatbelt fastened before we took off.

I was a little disappointed that FOB Apache was the first stop, so the flight was short, but I think I got some pretty decent pictures.  Thanks to some tips from some real photographers I was also able to drop a little of the bland, flat haze out of the pictures.  Plus, flying with the windows out is the next best thing to flying with the doors open & it has been a long time since I have had a chance to do that!  An excellent way to end a great trip to COP Mizan.

Hope you enjoy.



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  1. My husband LOOOOOVVVES flying in those lol!

  2. Marian says:

    nice pics. things sure look different from the air. with your every post i learn something new. take care

  3. Seonug Youn says:

    Thank you for your nice pic!

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