Where the Wild Things Grow

A few shots of the wild flowers around the COP.  The quality isn’t up to par, but I’m not a good enough camera operator to compensate for my crappy, malfunctioning Sigma lens (well, it gives me some comfort to blame it on the lens, even if it is mostly my fault).

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  1. Kelsey B says:

    The poppys and the purple flowers are actually really pretty… They’re still a lot better than anything I could have taken, so I still think they’re good pictures! Thanks for sharing

  2. Marian says:

    the picture with the bee turned out pretty cool. you can even see his wing. those flowers are beautiful. the poppies and some of the yellow ones look like they are made of tissue paper. very nice

  3. HAHAHA Nice title and the photos are great

  4. MCarlin3 says:

    My fiance is stationed near you in Afghanistan and he has been telling me about all the different types of flowers that are finally in bloom there. He always wants to take photos of the local flora but it’s hard to get a good shot on dismount! These are excellent pictures, I’m glad you got to take the time to capture them.
    Love from NC, USA!

    • danbohmer says:

      Thanks you. It isn’t easy/prudent to stop to take pictures of flowers while on patrol. I was able to get these because they are growing on the COP

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  6. Reggie says:

    I find those purple/red flowers on the stalks (picture no. 5) an intriguing mix of colours. Do all these flowers grow very far apart, are they only visible if you really stop to look, or does it look more like a meadow of colours from a distance?

    • danbohmer says:

      in most areas the flowers are relatively sparse. There are some areas that have a bit denser vegatation, but the only places that look meadowy are the areas that are deliberatly planted for some type of crop. The area is very arid, so all of the growth is clustered around the stream beds that are almost always dry, especially by this time of year – very little water over the summer

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