105mm Pack Howitzer L10A1

105mm Pack Howitzer L10A1 (Photo credit: kenjonbro)

No, not with artillery; with my Nikkor 105mm micro lens (only Nikon calls it a micro – everyone else calls them a macro).

Anyway, I was suppose to be traveling south today, but the helicopter decided not to show up, so I took a few minutes this morning to wander around FOB Apache.  I had hoped to take some more flower pictures, like the ones from COP Mizan, but with my macro lens.

Unfortunately FOB Apache is barren!  I had no idea how sparse vegetation is around here until I went looking for it. I found a few, but it wasn’t easy.


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  1. Kelsey says:

    Very Nice pictures! I love the dog tags and the patches shots… and of course the purple flower..!

  2. Jules Knapp says:

    How do helo rides work……Do you call them like a taxi??

    Dispatch this is Cin at Apache..need a lift to Lagman…rather fly than drive or walk…women in pink veils creep me out. Is there one in the area with an extra seat?

  3. Ooo those are cool 🙂 I like the photos a lot

  4. Reggie says:

    Such an interesting juxtaposition of the delicate little flowers with the military gear – all beautifully captured. The yellow flowers (second picture) are particularly striking.

  5. irmiya says:

    nice one thre, let have it.

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