The Palatial Privy

Several weeks ago I described our toilets & showers on FOB Apache.  Since then, they have have opened a new shower building.

Our first real bathroom on FOB Apache

Yes, you heard right, we now have a bathroom that is in a real building versus a connex trailer.  The bonus is that it is very near our living/work area!  No more walks to the opposite side of the FOB to get a relatively clean bathroom.  I do wish it would have been here during our period of snow.  Walking through knee deep snow in shorts and crocs was not a lot of fun…

It is a fairly large building with plenty of space, as you can see in the attached pictures.  It is a real treat to have all that room!  Something else that is a very nice change is it isn’t littered with signs telling you how to not use the showers and toilets…yet.

Yikes!  Look at these pictures from previous military latrine adventures!


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  1. kafoodie says:

    Wow! Luxury. It’s a lot nicer than the ones in our building in KAF. I wonder how long it will stay that pristine…I mean, without signs, how is one to know not to blow one’s nose in the sink or poop in the shower?
    I’ve also noticed that the workmanship often leads a lot to be desired. Leaky showers and improperly vented plumbing with no S traps, for example, can lead to a rapid degradation of the facility.
    I hope I did burst your bubble…enjoy it while it lasts!

  2. These are so much nicer than the last horrid ones.

  3. Jules Knapp says:

    Whooo hooo regular toilets! Now all you need is softer toilet paper.

  4. Wow big difference from the last ones!!! Hey weather they last or not you have a new clean start!!!

  5. Jules Knapp says:

    Geee…. no one gets to wave the flaming poo stick!

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