South to FOB Sweeney

That is where I went today. The trip was uneventful, although delayed. I sat out on the flight-line at FOB Apache for several hours waiting for the aircraft. Once on board I was lucky enough to snag a seat near the only open window. I really like having access to the fresh air when in a helicopter.

It was not a direct flight to FOB Sweeney, we made several stops around Zabul. So instead of a 20 minute flight it was a 150 minute flight. I took a few pictures along the way, but not too many.

I spent the afternoon familiarizing myself with the FOB and the surrounding area. Tomorrow I will grab the camera & repeat the process to have some pictures to go along with my blog on my initial assessment.

So until then, here area few photos from the air.


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  1. Jules Knapp says:

    Thanks for sharing……..every morning, night…we check in to see what Dan is doing, where you went and how you are going to blow our minds today. We have your site saved to our favorites. Guess it’s kind of getting to know Afghanistan by proxy.

  2. Wonderful to give us a glimps of another Country and some amazing images!!! Very lucky to witness your journey, the best and stay safe!

  3. Marian says:

    those color bands are very cool. are the Kuchi “homeless” people or are they the camps of the herders (goats etc)? They as well as the village compound just feels like it is in the middle of absolutely no where. It may just be the picture, but there does not even seem to be a road.
    take care

    • danbohmer says:

      Kuchi are the nomadic people of this area. They can’t be homeless – their home is wherever they set up their tent. Very few roads in Afghanistan. People go where they need to go however they need to go to get there.

  4. sarsm says:

    Beautiful pictures. I especially like the ones of the mountains, the yellow almost looks gold!! And the sunset – stunning.

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