Trip to Dab Pass

Dab Pass is the narrow opening in the San Gar Mountain range used to travel across the Shinkay District.

The baby camel was curious

Yesterday I joined a joint ISAF (International Security Assistance Forces – that would be the coalition forces)/ANSF (Afghan National Security Forces) mission to Dab Pass.  We went there to provide security & overwatch of a convoy that was scheduled to be coming down the road.

It was an interesting, but uneventful trip and I was fortunate to be able to ride in one of the open rear hatches of a Stryker, allowing me to have a good view of Afghanistan.  As we neared the pass, we dismounted and walked the rest of the way (no more than 1 KM) and then up a steep goat trail to the observation post on top.  We were joined on top by several ANA soldiers.  It was funny to watch because the very first thing every one of them did upon reaching the top was to pull out the cell phone and call home.

After the convoy passed, we made our way down the hilltop to the vehicles for the short, but slow drive back to FOB Sweeney.  We wanted to conduct a quick meeting with the Agricultural Extension Agent for Shinkay, so we made a short stop to visit his family compound.  He was not home, so we made our way to the Shinkay Bazaar to see if we could find him.

We ere able to find him at his office in the clinic.  It turns out he is not only the Extension Agent, but also the District Health Minister.  We sat on rugs in his office and had tea and cookies as he told us about Shinkay and the challenges they face.  With end of that meeting we made our way back to FOB Sweeney.

Thanks for looking!


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  1. You’re a good photographer Dan. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • danbohmer says:

      Thank you very much. But I like to think of myself as a guy that likes taking pictures & I am lucky enough to have a great camera to do it with.

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  3. Jules Knapp says:

    Is this the lens Mark sent?

  4. AAHH the camels are awesome!

  5. Jules Knapp says:

    Didn’t know you are a Pharmacist in the states. Uhh…not a chance would Kate or the kids want to become kuchis or live in a kuchi tent in Afghanistan.

    Speaking of…does Kate not partake in your blogs?

  6. Jules Knapp says:

    Hello Kate!

  7. IA says:


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