Colossal Crappers and more

Here it is; the rundown of my living conditions during my short visit to FOB Sweeney.  I briefly described the layout of the FOB in ‘Water World – Sweeney Style’. I will provide more general information in a subsequent post. I will focus on my living conditions with this one.

Once I landed I was quickly shown to the room I would be living in for the duration of my visit. Yes, I said room. A room to myself in a large hard structure, brick/concrete building on the side of the FOB with the gym, DFAC, etc. It appears the building was built about 8 years ago. Although isn’t that long ago, this building, like a lot of the buildings built since we arrived in 2001, didn’t age well…hard to understand that it isn’t even 10 years old.

The building has several rooms, all the same size and fairly large – I would guess at least 12ft by 12ft. I have a rickety bed and a cheap mattress wrapped in plastic and a couple half-assembled wall lockers. I also share the room 3 more mattresses propped against the wall and a small table. There was a nice coating of dust and a bit of trash, but I quickly evicted those unwanted guests, strung up a clothes line and settled in for my stay. There isn’t any type of ventilation or heating/AC in the room, but it has stayed surprisingly comfortable temperature wise. Overall it is a pretty decent room, on par with my FOB Bullard conditions in February (read about it here).

The bathroom is very close to my building. It too is a brick/concrete building of the same age & design of the building I sleep in. Inside the walls are unfinished/unpainted – just the raw concrete and exposed pipes which gives it the musty, damp feeling of an old cellar although it is above ground. It is divided into two rooms. The one room has 2 sinks and 5 toilets. The toilet stalls are what lead to the title of the blog. I have never seen such a thing. There really aren’t toilet stalls; each toilet is in it’s own room, with a real wooden door with a latch! The toilet room has to be at least 7ft by 7ft. Over on the shower side it is the same way; 2 sinks at the end and 5 shower stalls that are at least 7 ft. by 7 ft. The bathroom is coed, because of the size of the shower rooms and the individual toilet rooms, it is not a problem. Also, one shower stall has a locking door and it is designated for females.

Unfortunately, we had been unable to shower for the past few days because of the flood. They were able to get everything working last night, so I was finally able to take a nice hot shower. It feels good to be clean 😉

Overall it is a pretty decent place. Most of the US Soldiers live in Alaska Tents on the other side of the FOB. When we move our team down here I’m not sure if they will live in this building or the tents. Each has it’s own advantages & disadvantages and I’m not sure I can say one is better than the other.

Thanks for reading & stay tuned for more on FOB Sweeney!


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  1. kafoodie says:

    I think it’s more likely that sign was made by someone for whom English is a second language. The Brits generally have impeccable grammar on their signs.

  2. Jules Knapp says:

    Kind of dreary looking. With all the concrete you can almost “smell” the dampness thru your photos. Pedestal sinks?? Love the electrical outlet near your bed. Nice headboard. Does the US drag all this stuff over?

    Is the weather getting hot over there?

    • danbohmer says:

      They apparently started rewiring the building, but didn’t finish…

      It is getting pretty warm, but apparently it is even warmer up at Apache.

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