Flood Control – Afghan Style

The flash flood that swept through the area the other day (‘Water World – Sweeney Style’) caused problems for the Afghan’s too. The deluge of water found it’s way into a local village and the surrounding orchards. It isn’t that the Afghans do not like the water in their orchards, but not that much at once.

Apparently at some time ago (1-3 years, depending on who you asked) the Zabul Provinical Reconstruction Team (PRT) built a diversion wall to force the water from it’s chosen path, which runs through the village, to a more suitable path around the village and away from the orchards. Over time, most of the water side of the wall silted in and a large section tipped over. This resulted in a water problem with the recent flash flood.

The locals came to the ANA Commander for help and he in turn came to ISAF for support. We went to the area of the silted in, damaged diversion wall and assisted the Afghans in planning and executing a solution. They dug out a new channel and used that excavated dirt to build a large earthen diversion wall.

I was very surprised how quickly they were able to get the project done and even more surprised at the quality of work without a single piece of survey equipment. I think their solution will outlast the previous diversion wall by a long shot.


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