COP Construction

We have permanently emplaced a small detachment of Soldiers at COP Mizan.  I am just a short term member of the team up here, expecting to leave within a few days.  The other ADT Soldiers here will focus on working with the Afghan District Governor on strengthening agricultural services for the farmers in Mizan District.

We arrived on 28 April and have been busy getting to know the surroundings and establishing a comfortable place to live and work.  We share a tent with a Civil Affairs Team that just recently arrived in Afghanistan.  They arrived to COP Mizan the same day we did.

When we arrived the tent had already been divided into 4 rooms, a very small entryway, a small room for the ADT OIC, a slightly larger room for the ADT SECFOR and then a large area for the CA Team. The entrance to the tent was the original, velcro-fastened, tent flap

We determined we wanted to improve the space & have spent the last few days doing just that.  i wish I would have taken ‘before’ pictures…

Thanks for looking,



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  1. cyntheeaz says:

    I love what you did with the space. Looks nice & EVERYONE likes more closet & shelf space. Do you guys have pallets there? A neighbor of mine made a bench & a coffee table with just pallets. It’s just an idea-

  2. The door knobs/handles are a touch of class here, heheh

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