Great blog post about the Kuchi we have scattered across southern Zabul.

Marking Time

My apologies, dear readers, for being a little slow with these lately. I just got a new job and am moving from one state to another, so that’s interfering with my writing time.

It’s kind of an odd concept, really, moving. Especially long distances. My family is kind of an outlier with how many times we’ve moved, and I’ve known people who’ve never left the town they were born in, but most people are somewhere in between. And the idea that we like to be “close to our families, but not too close” makes us laugh because it’s true.

That’s not true for Afghans though, the majority of whom almost never leave their home village. Many (men at least), don’t even leave home, with multiple generations (and sometimes wives) all living in the same compound until it gets so overcrowded that someone has to find a new spot. If you’re…

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