I am back at FOB Sweeney and today we went on a local mission (pictures to follow on another post).  On the way back to the FOB we stopped at the bazaar & I had the opportunity to visit one of the pharmacies.   This is the one the guy that runs the clinic thought I should work at because it is right across the street.

behind the counter in the pharmacy

I had one of the guys take a picture of me behind the counter…the pharmacist did not want his picture taken.

What do you think – should I take the job?


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  1. Jules Knapp says:

    Better ask the boss……………….she’ll say absolutely NOT!!

  2. Jules Knapp says:

    Life in the dog house isn’t any fun! 🙂

  3. free penny press says:

    Ah, you better not 🙂 (reminded me of my medic days in a combat field hospital)

  4. Here’s another vote of ‘NOPE’ – don’t be part of the pharma industry.

  5. Hahahaha! Great smile lol! With that outfit you could blend into any job! HAHAHA! Sorry that was a lame joke, but good picture lol!

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