This morning I posted about being given a blog award & I had mentioned that I had been given a few others but failed to follow through or even acknowledge that I had received them…sorry again…

Well, imagine my surprise when I, quite by accident, stumbled across an award given to me just 3 days ago!  It seems Renee from Rendezvous With Renee likes reading my stuff, even though she admits she is not much for the military.  Renee a double thank you, one for recognizing me & secondly for doing what seems to be so rare these days – being ok & accepting of someone with a different philosophical point of view.  I enjoy reading your blog as well.

The award Renee gave me is also known as the One Lovely Blog Award, but it has a different logo and slightly different rules to follow in accepting it.

The rules are to post 7 things about myself & to nominate 7 other bloggers:

  1. I am really not that comfortable doing the blog award self promotion thing, but it seems to be the way of the blog world…
  2. As a kid I wanted to be a cop when I grew up.
  3. Once I started driving I seemed to meet too many cops, but not in a good way.  But I still thought it would be a good career choice for me.
  4. I joined the Army shortly before my 20th birthday in an effort to ‘start fresh’ because of #3.
  5. It worked.
  6. After my 4 year enlistment was up I decided I would continue my career as an officer & needed to go to school to get a degree.  I picked Pharmacy because I thought it would give me a job after I was done being a Soldier. I had no real idea what a Pharmacist even did.  I had no intention of working as a Pharmacist until I retired from the Army (like that would’ve worked!)
  7. The Army made me switch from an Air Defense Artillery Officer to a Medical Service Corps Officer so I could be an Army Pharmacist.
  8. I thought that was a bad idea and spent a lot of time trying to convince them of that – I was not successful

oops, I guess you got a bonus fact

Now for 7 new blogs – they are not rank ordered, so the first one listed is not ‘better’ than the seventh one.  For those that I select, I want to reiterate that I completely understand if you do not wish to continue to keep the award chain going.  Just know that I do enjoy your blogs!

  1. Tracie Louise Photography
  2. The Laughing Housewife
  3. The Camel Life
  4. The Square Flea
  5. Free Penny Press
  6. In-debt, Fat, Short with Bad Teeth
  7. Urban Daddy

I encourage you all to check them out.




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...just another guy moving through life Everything posted here is my personal opinion and in no way reflects an opinion, thought or representation of anyone else or any organization.

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  1. Congratulations on all your awards. Wanted to thank you for being a new follower of mine after reading about my dad, but I don’t want you to be disappointed. My essays vary so they’re not always about such serious themes. I admire very much that you fought for our country.

  2. rheath40 says:

    Dan my sweet, I may be a mouthy, opinionated, liberal, but I’m also human. I know that what you are doing is important. That what you are doing is being a good person. I like that. Keep up the good stories. The pictures. Give me the human side of military. The heartfelt side. I want to read more. Know more. And keep reading me. In all my opinionated, mouthy glory. Thanks Dan. I pray for your safe return.

  3. Tilly Bud says:

    thanks for nominatinmg me 😉

  4. Urban Daddy says:

    Hi Dan, First off, I enjoy your blog. The pictures AND the text. 🙂 Secondly, thank you for including me in this award. Coming from you it means a lot. I’m trying to get it posted on my site ASAP. You should come read what I’m going to put about your blog and all that you are doing for your country and ours too by extension. 🙂

    Kepp up the great posts and stay safe.


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