Ten a Day – 5

Today I go back to Afghanistan for pictures.  There are pictures from KAF, FOB Viper, FOB Apache, FOB Mescall and out and about in Shah Joy.

As always, click on the picture if you want to see the picture full-size.  If you are a photographer and you have technical advice on how to improve my picture taking it would be great to hear from you.



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  1. The ones that look barren, like dirt make me think of a Mars landscape! What does FOB mean? And why don’t you want technical advice from non-photographers? 😉 hehehe

  2. Love–absolutely LOVE–the one of the soldier through the grass. Awesome perspective. The mountains with the sunset and sunrise also really good! I think they are all great photos, but the above ones have an emotional component to them, I think. Thanks for sharing!

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