I have written a few times in the past (here, here, here and here) about the crappy Sigma lens I have and the poor customer service I received from Sigma Corporation.

I ordered the lens from Adorama in late January & received it about 3-4 weeks later.  For a couple weeks I was very happy with it.  There were a few odd ergonomic things I didn’t like as much as my Nikon lenses (lens lock button, turns the ‘wrong’ way to zoom) but overall, because it was almost half the price of a similar Nikkor lens, I was satisfied with it.

The $500 mistake – I will not likely purchase another Sigma product.

However after about 3 weeks I started having problems with the lens – lack of focus, camera error messages, sticking shutter, etc.  I sent Adorama an email hoping they would replace it for me.  I received a prompt reply saying ‘sorry – it has been more than 30 days’.  I was mildly disappointed given the fact that 30 days had nearly passed even before I received the lens, but I understand their position as well.

So I went to the Sigma website and submitted an inquiry online and received no response.  A couple of weeks later I submitted a second inquiry asking them to please replace the lens.  I finally did get a response, but they would not replace it or refund my money, but they did offer to repair it because it is ‘a very common problem, but easily fixed’….hmmm.

Oh, I would have to pay shipping costs to them – seriously?  I have a $500 lens that I have used for 3 weeks; they admit it is a lens design problem that ‘is easily serviced’ yet I need to pay to ship it to them?  Pardon me, but WTF?

I was irritated with them before; after that I had lost all faith in them & their customer service.  But I had no choice and had to pay to send the lens to them.  To their credit, they had the lens back to me in about 3 weeks – given the often slow mail pace here, that is really good.  However, I still was not confident in the quality of the lens.

Well, I went out yesterday and my fears of lens failure came true.  Within 150 shots the lens began to act up.  By the end of the day I was missing more shots then I was able to take (bouncing along the highway, shooting through the armored glass of the armored vehicle does not allow a lot of time for fiddling with the camera).  I was not happy at all.

I have sent them another email asking them to refund my money.  I do not expect them to do that, but I am hoping they will at a minimum send a replacement lens on the chance my current one is a lemon.  I will let you know how it turns out.  But I will not hold my breath.
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  1. Reggie says:

    Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear you are having problems with your lens. I can understand that it is frustrating, particularly because you rely on it to *work*. Personally, I think Sigma should refund you! Good luck!

  2. free penny press says:

    Ugh.. for $500 they should produce a better quality product.. That being said, you really should press forth for a full refund..

    • danbohmer says:

      unfortunately it appears mine is not an isolated experience when it comes to Sigma lens quality. The reviews I have read (albeit too late) indictae there are some good Sigma lenses, but you may need to wade through bad ones to find the good ones.

  3. zannyro says:

    I had a Sigma for about a week and returned it….it was awful…and they acted SO surprised!

  4. Oh no, I just bought a Sigma 17-50mm for about $600. Thanks for sharing this information. I need to pay attention to see if mine will do the same.

  5. Heck, they should give you that refund and if it needs to be repaired, then damn! pay for the shipping is what I would tell theme!!

  6. Dan

    The Adorama returns policy states that it is 30 days from the day the customer receives the item. If you have only had it 3 weeks then for sure you can return it. If you email me: helen@adorama.com I can have a pre-paid emailed to you for return.

    If you’d like a replacement, I can get a special pick organized, and we’ll open up a couple and test them ’til we find a good one.

    I’m so sorry this hasn’t been a typical Adorama customer service experience – I’d also appreciate if you can email me the date and time of your call plus the number you called from, so we can ID who gave you incorrect info – and deal with it appropriately.

    Once again my apologies, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

    • danbohmer says:


      That is extremely generous of you and another example of great customer service. Although I was a little disappointed at the reply I had received from your representative, I did not feel I was treated unfairly.

      I will follow-up with an email with all the details of the purchase as well as the email exchange I had with your representative.

      Thanks again,

  7. I would remain strong regarding a refund…you are clearly dissatisfied with the len’s performance and quality…nothing less than a full refund would be satisfactory…no doubt they will offer alternatives, but considering the money and hassle already involved…I would remain firm.

    Keep us posted.

    Be encouraged!

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