Ten a Day – 7

Another series of random shots from across the area here in southern Afghanistan.  They include pictures from FOB, Apache, KAF, FOB Mescall and the districts Shah Joy and Surrie.

I went up to Shah Joy yesterday so I will do a little post on that trip along with pictures.  It was not a good trip for a number of reasons which may all come out later…stay tuned

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these!

Thanks for looking!



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  1. The middle east sure has an eerieness about it. Hey your banner picture – is that you in it? It’s a cool photo, I never noticed it before…

  2. These were very moving. I stared at each one and imagined being there. Some of it looks just like it is here in the US, but the history goes back so much farther. I can only imagine what the people hundreds and even thousands of years ago were really like. Anyway, they’re very cool. Thanks for sharing.

  3. kathruth says:

    Thanks for sharing

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