Mizan Munchkins, Part II

I take a lot of pictures of kids.  They make great subjects because they are generally more, open, innocent & ‘real’ in the pictures.  By the time we become adults, we are conditioned to take on a ‘photo’ stare/smile when we look into a camera.  It isn’t easy to get the full face, frontal, natural look with a grown-up – kids seem to be candid all the time.

These kids were at the Shura in Mizan (click here) on 3 July 2012.  The shura itself went well and the kids were once again much better behaved than the kids I have met in other areas of Afghanistan.

Click an image to see it full-size.

Thanks for looking!

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6 responses »

  1. I love their beautiful faces. 🙂

  2. zannyro says:

    These are SO beautiful!! Keep them coming 🙂

  3. Your kids posts are my favourite.

  4. Margarita says:

    They are gorgeous!

  5. danbohmer says:

    thanks for all the great comments!

  6. You’re so good at portraits

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