flowering FOB

A few flowers on Al Masaak.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. kathruth says:

    Can’t believe they have flowers that beautiful over there, with type of soil and dry. Thanks for pictures

  2. particularly like “caught by flower”

  3. Thomas Ross says:

    Dan, so great that you can see and share this beauty from such a tough and dangerous place. Thanks for sharing your photos. Tom

  4. Reggie says:

    Gosh, those sunflowers are so eye-catching, that they draw me in every time you post them… that gloriously bright, cheerful yellow against the blue sky is quite simply stunning!

    Do they make you smile when you see them, Dan?

  5. The sunflower looks like it is deliberately trying to make someone smile. It’s lovely.

  6. i love sunflowers!

  7. I love the angle that you took the 4th picture in! Really beautiful 🙂

  8. Where I come from sunflowers are called black-eyed Susans, or Susannah’s as I prefer to call them. I would hang this in my house.

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