Luke spent some time with us in April and has made a short documentary that will air in October. This post helps put a personal side to how we live and what we do without.

Bridging War and Hope

What do deployed soldiers miss?  This is a question a number of people type into their Google search bar; when they do they end up here, they are looking for information, the miss someone, they’re worried, they want to know more about what their Soldier is going through.  In order to make this blog more useful I took this question to a few of the Soldiers I met while embedded with the Zabul Agribusiness Development Team; they graciously provided the following responses.


i miss being able to wash my hands with soap and water instead of layer after layer of gooey hand sanitizer.

hot baths.

days off work.

milk shakes made with milk. ice cream made with cream.

beds i don’t fall off of if i roll over in my sleep.

walking on flat , non rocky surfaces.


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  1. What a great post. Very enlightening.

  2. dianeroark says:

    Soldiers are always near to my heart. I pray that God will help all of you everyday. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Diane

  3. surindernath says:

    Dan I wish politicians also read your Blog. I have read yours accidently but please don’t read mine because I write non serious stuff and come to think of it it is entirely due to your serious efforts and other soldiers of the world’s efforts that people like me can afford to be non-serious. Thanks.

    • danbohmer says:

      Thank you, but I enjoy non-serious stuff and try to kepp my own postings ‘light’. There is too much doom & gloom in the news, we need to spend as much time on good news as bad news…maybe more…

  4. jules says:

    How did pizza not make the list??? heh heh

  5. jules says:

    Stuff has got to be stale by now!

    Pretty soon Daniel San………..all the pizza and mt dew your heart desires.

  6. Reggie says:

    That was another fascinating link, Dan. I hope that the documentary will be available online via that blog, and not only shown on American TV, which I can’t watch in South Africa. 🙂

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