A Soldier

I got an email from a young Soldier’s wife asking if I could get some pictures of her husband, but she asked me to not let him know that, because she hoped to surprise him.   She also advised me he is not one that likes to get his picture taken.  Throw in the fact that I seem to be better at candid versus posed shots & this young Soldier works inside and we really shouldn’t take pictures there, I had some challenges.

Oh, then I found out he was leaving Al Masaak as soon as they could get a flight out for him.  Then I received last minute instructions to jump on the next helicopter out of there to got to a different FOB for a couple days….I was beginning to think I wouldn’t be able to get any pictures for her.

But it turns out luck was on my side in some small measure as SPC Taggart ended up on the helicopter leaving Al Masaak with me and we ended sitting on the helicopter in such a way that I could get his picture.  In my haste of quickly pulling my camera out to get a few shots I somehow turned the settings dial to ‘M’ and I did not notice and obviously didn’t pay attention, so I did not make any adjustments to aperture, shutter speed or ISO; the pictures did not turn out as well as I would have liked.  These are the best two.

SPC Taggart, 1-37 Field Artillery

Thanks for looking. Click an image to see it full-size:

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17 responses »

  1. shar says:

    You’re awesome with what you do, these look great!

  2. that is awesome in every way the pic, the way it worked out and i’m sure you made that soldiers wife very happy!

  3. You did an awesome job with the photos did he realise he was having his photo taken….

  4. shianwrites says:

    Awww, the is very sweet of her and very nice of you. 🙂

  5. You are now like a Mr Dedication on a radio show ;D
    It is a very meaningful purpose “conferred” upon you during this last 1 month ~ divine arrangement…

  6. kathruth says:

    Them are great pictures of the soldier. Like always you made another family happy. Your so good.

  7. LOL That’s great – I love it – I’m sure she will love those photos. And I think you did a very thoughtful thing by taking these images 🙂

  8. rommel says:

    How lucky that he got professionally photographed on that aircraft. Much, to great extent that you went through chaing him.
    I remember when I went to Kuwait. I boarded one of military toys ( 🙂 ). I remember it, I remember it so well. How I wished I had something to look of that experience.

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