Fifteen minutes at Apache

I spent a few days at FOB Apache and was surprised to see how much it has changed in the short time I have been away.  I had some free time so I thought I should take a quick walk around and take some pictures.

Within about fifteen minutes I lost all interest in trying to find something that caught my eye and went back to the office.

I got back to Al Masaak today & was welcomed with an awesome sunset this evening.

I plan to write more tomorrow, tonight I will share a few pictures.

Thanks for looking.

Click an image to see it full-size:

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  1. Luke Heikkila says:

    AFG is just like MN…it’s ‘mato season here too. Yessir…AFG is just like MN. Glad to see that countdown number at ‘1 month’…stay safe.

  2. What is the deal with those steps, I agree why would anyone build steps like that…..the sunset is just awesome……..

  3. Tinman says:

    The picture of the sunset is beautiful, but the picture of the steps is just brilliant….

  4. kathruth says:

    Pictures are great, as always. At Apache, Regular Army took over. My son Brian and his soldiers were sent to Davis. Have you ever been to Davis? Wondering how it is there to Apache. Thanks again for all the great pictures.
    By the way in one of the pictures are they tomatoes?

  5. Oh my gosh your sunset shots never cease to amaze me haha!

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