Caps for Afghan Soldiers

The last time my mail was sent up from FOB Apache to me at FOB Al Masaak, a surprise little care package was included.  Part of that package included a frisbee and several caps.  I thought the ANA soldiers would probably enjoy them, so I went up to the hill yesterday and handed them out.

Of course they were very excited, especially because the saw that I had brought my camera along!  I spent a good 15 minutes taking pictures of them as they rotated through their turn getting their picture taken wearing a new baseball cap.

Thanks for looking!

Click the image to see them full-size:

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14 responses »

  1. Brook says:

    The eyes are all beautiful.

  2. Reggie says:

    Those caps made a really nice present – love it!

  3. shar says:

    They are good models and very willing lol, good photos!

  4. Will and Eko says:

    News from the middle east is often faceless and impersonal – your blog does a great job showing the faces, the people and the personal stories that we all should know about. Thanks for sharing

  5. I agree with Will and Eko…thank you for sharing your work

  6. Very cool! Dan, I imagine you’ve been on other tours and I bet you are counting down the days to go home. But you must miss the people you meet when you come back too, do you?

    • danbohmer says:

      Yes, to some degree, but I have bounced around so much here, not staying in any one place long enough to really get to know any of them on a personal level.

  7. the smiles are gripping!

  8. […] gives us an insight into subjects  we would normally never have access to.  We see photos of off-duty Afghan soldiers  (who love having their pictures taken) wearing baseball caps and proudly posing in their […]

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