August 31 is one of those rare times to get all the things done that only happen ‘once in a blue moon’ otherwise you will just need to leave them for the next one, which won’t be until 31 July 2015.

The Blue Moon over Fob Apache, near Qalat, Afghanistan

I took the picture of the 1st full moon of August ‘dusty skies’ with the plan to also post the second full moon, which is the ‘Blue Moon’.

Something unplanned occurred between the two events.  One night, about a week ago, there was a half-moon in the sky and I could clearly see the ‘face’ of the moon, so I snapped a few pictures and posted one, ‘Man in the Moon’,  on 28 August 2012 without giving it much thought.  Then one of my followers (The Last Song I Heard…) pointed out that it was a nice tribute to Neil Armstrong, who had died on 25 August 2012.  I actually felt bad that I hadn’t thought of that, but again I didn’t give it much thought.

A few days ago as I was reading a tribute piece to Neil Armstrong I got to thinking about the connection.  Mr. Armstrong died a couple days before that post, but I wasn’t sure when I took the picture.  I looked on my computer and discovered I had taken the picture at 2145 local time, which would be 1315 Eastern time, on 25 August 2012, the same day he died!  I was immediately struck by the coincidence of me clearly noticing the face in the moon on the same day Mr. Armstrong had died.  It turns out I took that picture about two hours before his death.

I find coincidences like that fascinating…

Rest in Peace Mr. Armstrong & thank you for your selfless service.

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  1. Reggie says:

    Gosh, what an extraordinary coincidence, Dan. And an excellent photo of the moon. My full moon pictures never turn out any good.

  2. Strange coincidences do occur and stories have been told about them – perhaps Neil Armstrong’s spirit was having one last visit to the moon and looking down of the earth he had just departed. Anyway the moon photo was beautiful and this one also.

  3. Me too…extraordinary! And beautiful capture of the beautiful moon!

  4. Marianne says:

    We can´t see our Blue Moon yet in southern Spain, but he wont be long before he appears!

  5. Brook says:

    Amazing and wonderful coincidence. What a beautiful tribute!

  6. I find coincidences facinating as well. Thanks for sharing

  7. whoa that’s awesome!

  8. Very nicely said sir… and thank you for the nod…

  9. ~mimo~ says:

    perhaps more than a coincidence 🙂

  10. What a beautiful tribute. And spectacular photo! ~Patricia

  11. Tinman says:

    I read somewhere that they deliberately buried him on the day of the full moon, which is a really nice idea. Lovely picture, Dan. We had our Blue Moon too, but it was a really cloudy night – that’s Ireland for you.

  12. I listen to an overnight radio program called Coast to Coast AM….lots of science, (as well as sci-fi) topics. The host, George Noory is a huge fan of space exploration, who has interviewed Armstrong as well as other astronauts. Ironically, one of Noory’s HUGEST statements, that he repeats ALL the time, is “there are NO coincidences” I can’t help but wonder what George would think if he read your post!!

    • danbohmer says:

      I have listened to him before & Art Bell before him. He certainly has an interesting view of things and often times makes a person think ‘what if…?’

  13. inés de l'orange says:


  14. Nice job 😀 Love pictures like that!

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