Good Morning FOB Apache

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On my first morning back at Apache, I took a little time to capture the sunrise.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Beautiful images, as always. Love the golden orange of the sky and the browns of the sand… looks like Mars again!

  2. danbohmer says:

    Thank you. I don’t think I would ever grow tired of the sunrises & sunsets here.

  3. Jen says:

    amazing. the shot through the wire with the sun is breathtaking.
    thank you for sharing

  4. Reggie says:

    I also love your sunrise/sunset photos – by the way, is that black ‘thing’ floating in the sky in the portrait-orientation picture the ‘blimp’?

  5. Grace says:

    Great shots! It’s interesting to see the sunrise from that part of the world.

  6. Ray's Mom says:

    Interesting, as always. Stay safe.

  7. Ralph says:

    Hey Soldier, you have a great blog, well set out and full of interest. I wonder what is behind the camoflaged background ? It’s nice that you have this hobby while working under extreme conditions. Now listen to me. You and your buddies get home safe. Okay. And that’s an order from me in Spain. Take care. Ralph

  8. thoughtsfromanamericanwoman says:

    How beautiful and peaceful. It is hard to imagine such a peaceful setting as being in the middle of war. Blessings and prayers….Patty

  9. dianeroark says:

    Beautiful Pictures!! Blessings always, Diane Roark

  10. shar says:

    Sunset photos are great! It all looks the same though, their landscaper must have to obide by the HOA rules lol

  11. […] Dan’s blog to see the many inspirational sunset photos here, more sunsets here, a gorgeous sunrise and stunning dusks here and here. It was hard to choose a […]

  12. Wow just beautiful loved all the shots

  13. Karen Sturm says:

    My Hubby, who I miss something fierce is at FOB Apache with the 63rd EN. CO. Please you all stay safe and please help keep my husband safe so you all can come home to AMERICAN SOIL, where you all belong…. Specialist Sturm’s Wife, Karen.. If you happen to pass him, Please tell him I LOVE HIM VERY MUCH!!!!!! Thank you

    • danbohmer says:

      thank you. I will see what I can do.

      • Karen Sturm says:

        Dan you are the greatest…Thank you SOOOOOO much… You made his day and that is saying a lot being so far from home…. I can’t thank you enough.. You made us a very happy family… God Bless you and your family!!!!!

      • danbohmer says:

        Karen, I did not get an email from you to pass on your son’s information to the organization that wants to ‘adopt’ him. I did send you one with her email address…

      • Arely Madrid says:

        Dan you made a lot of people happy with the act of kindness you did! Thank you for the pictures of Stum and the guys! My soldier SPC Goerlich was in one of the pictures and it made my day being able to see a picture of him!

  14. Francina says:

    beautiful photos, Dan.

  15. Stephanie Goerlich says:

    Thank you for the pictures of FOB Apache, I look at theses daily trying to imagine my son out there somewhere.

  16. Kristy says:

    Gosh, it’s so surreal looking at your photos. The day you took these (Aug 30), my soldier was on a plane headed to Apache… though he didn’t make it there for a good while lol. I only found your blog a short hour ago, but already it is a blessing. It’s nice to be able to put an image with the stories.

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