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Background:  After ruminating about purchasing a Ural for close to 10 years, I finally made the leap and bought the ‘perfect’ one.  Unfortunately that motorcycle was located in Boxborough, MA, a good 1600+ miles from home.  After much cajoling by me, my brother John also made the leap, also purchasing his ‘perfect’ Ural from the same guy – Dmitry the owner of Ural of New England.  We decided we would do a fly and drive to get them home.  The only issue being we didn’t have a lot of time, we would need to go mid-October and the Urals require break-in service at 500kms…so, the adventure begins…

Day 1, Part 1:

We left Moorhead at 0130 on Tuesday, 15 OCT13, bound for the Minneapolis airport, arriving at a bit before 0530.  We had a 0710 flight to Boston on Sun Country Airlines, which meant flying out of the Humphrey Terminal.  That is a wonderful thing because it is lightly traveled; meaning getting checked in and through security is never more than a few minute process.

Within 15 minutes of arrival, we were sitting down near our departure gate.  We nearly missed our flight because I had picked a spot close to the gate, but not in the line of site because I needed to charge up my phone and these were the closest outlets.  At about 0645 a lady stopped by our table to comment on how much we looked alike and asked us where we were headed.  When I said Boston, she said she thought that plane had already boarded.  I checked my watch and said I am sure they will not be boarding for a few more minutes, but I would double-check.  I walked around the corner to the gate and the waiting area was full and it didn’t look like the gate was open, so I returned to our table.

Within moments of me sitting back down the overhead announcement came on with ‘will the Bohmer party of 2 report to the gate immediately, the gates are about to close’.  We jumped up, grabbed our stuff and hurried back to the gate – crisis averted.

We landed in Boston a bit before 1100 local and made our way to the rental car agency and quickly hit the road, and headed to Ural of New England to meet our bikes. We made it to Boxborough in just under an hour.  After a few minutes of greetings all around, Dmitry lead us out back to the bikes and gave us a quick orientation before turning us over to Ted for detailed instructions.  Ted meticulously went over the bikes with us and then took each of us separately on a few orientation laps of the parking lot.

As luck would have it, Tuesday was Olga’s (Dmitry’s wife) birthday and they had a small lunch time party for her.  They insisted we join them, so we sat down for some great food and conversation in celebration of Olga’s birthday.  After that it was off to sign the papers and even more time standing around talking.  Before we knew it, it was after 1500 and we still had to put 500kms on the bikes before morning, because in order to meet our stated goal of being home by Sunday morning, we had to get on the road as early as possible on Wednesday.

Hmmm…this was going to be interesting…

…to be continued…

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  1. Eddy says:

    Those look like fun!

  2. Reggie says:

    That is a beautiful pair of bikes, Dan.

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