I have been wearing Belleville boots for at least the last 12 years because of their comfort, durability & they are not outrageously priced. Prior to leaving for here, I found an extremely comfortable Belleville boot at Camp Atterbury and decided to get them for the trip.

They are definitely one of the most comfortable boots I’ve owned right out of the box. However, I was a little concerned because within a few short weeks, some of the stitching started coming apart. But it appeared to be mostly cosmetic so I continued to wear the boots & they continued to perform well.

Until the day after I arrived at Mizan. The entire lower seam gave out, leaving gaping hole in the side of my boot.  Not cool…As luck would have it, there was a helicopter coming this way the next day, so I had another pair of boots thrown in with the other supplies scheduled to be delivered.

Then I thought I should send Belleville a little email letting them know their boots fell apart. I honestly did not expect anything more than ‘Thanks for letting us know’ after all, I had worn the boots for over 7 months. Imagine my surprise when I received an immediate response that they wanted to ship me a replacement pair absolutely free of charge!

Now that is amazing customer service – compare that to Sigma. It took me 3 emails before I even got a response from them & of course they were not willing to replace the defective lens and I had to pay to ship the junk back to them!

Belleville ensured they had a long-term customer; Sigma ensured they had a one time purchase…

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  1. After-sales service is always what makes the buying experience the deciding factor to return for more!

    • danbohmer says:

      If you have a good product you should be willing to stand behind. Belleville went above & beyond; Sigma didn’t even come close…

  2. Tilly Bud says:

    I was surprised to learn that you buy your own boots. Doesn’t the army supply them?

    • danbohmer says:

      We do get some boots issued, but generally there are better (more comfortable) boots available commercially & so many Soldiers opt to purchase their own vs wearing the issued ones.

  3. […] that it will last so I now travel with a couple spare lenses when I go out.  As I stated in this post I will never buy another Sigma product.  I will stick to Nikon, even if they cost a bit […]

  4. […] Sigma Saga I have written a few times in the past (here, here, here and here) about the crappy Sigma lens I have and the poor customer service I received […]

  5. Urban Daddy says:

    Awesome! It is much easier (and cheaper) to keep a customer than to fin new ones.

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