The last time I shared my stats with you was 15 Jun 12 and over the last 6 weeks I have continued a steady growth in all aspects.

I have gained 114 followers, bringing me to 316. Of those, 277 are official WordPress followers and 39 email followers. That number does not count the people that may follow by Twitter or RSS.

I have hung 65 posts since 15 Jun 12, bringing me up to 172 total posts since I started in early March. My blog views have increased by nearly 20,000 and as of 0750, 30 Jul 12, I have had 50,425 views. July has been my second most popular month with a total of 11,546 views. April was the busiest month with nearly 15,000 views. Overall I am averaging 337 views per day with 27 Apr 12 the busiest single day with 1045 views. It seems the pictures in these 3 posts (Stumbling around the FOB, Colossal Crappers and more, and Water World – Sweeney Style) about FOB Sweeney were a big hit.

One of the coolest stats in my mind is to see where my readers come from. I am fascinated at the global reach and I like to discover readers from countries I would have never thought of, i.e. Nepal, Malawi, Paraguay, Angola to name just a few. Currently I have had readers from 92 countries. As to be expected, readers from the US continue to lead the way by a huge margin. The UK remains in second place, but Canada has displaced Romania for third place. It is great to know that I am picking up more interest from my neighbors to the north (I only live 150 miles from the border). South African readers have moved ahead of Australia, putting them in 5th place and Australia in 6th place. The Philippines, Germany, Singapore and The Netherlands, in that order, round out the top ten. I am still missing readers from two countries I have complained about before (Where is the Principality of Liechtenstein?), Liechtenstein and Fiji. If you are heading there or know someone there, maybe you could help me out?

Search engines continue to be the main source of new readers to my blog; with Google being the primary source by a huge margin. Facebook is still a close second in bringing in readers, with the WordPress site remaining a distant third. The top five blogs that lead people to my page, in order, are Bridging War & Hope, Soldiers’ Angels, The Good Kind of Random, Just DFACS Ma’am and imexcited. Bridging War & Hope is the blog of Luke, the TV producer/reporter who spent some time with my unit in April. Soldiers’ Angels is a great organization that supports the troops and so it is not surprising that they bring a large number of readers. The Good Kind of Random is written by a Soldier who just recently returned back to the states and Just DFACS Ma’am is penned by a very funny Canadian who has lived at KAF for 3+ years. Both of those gentlemen wrote blogs about the unique toilet situations we find over here (Toilets on FOB, Point Taken Given) similar to my Toilets on the FOB post. In fact, that post of mine lead me to thier blogs. I was very surprised to see imexcited here. Her’s is a blog that, before today, I had not been following and I am unsure what lead her readers to me. But I am grateful that her blog has done so. Please take a few minutes to check these 5 great sites out.

Many other bloggers write hilarious posts about the search engine search terms that lead to their blogs. Unfortunately I am unable to do that as most of my search terms are very mundane and logical. FOB Apache is by far the most common search term to bring readers here. Nine people found my blog by searching ‘old man sad’, two people found me by searching ’dog latrine’ and two using ‘man with goat on back’. The search term ‘kinky shower stories’ is about as odd as it gets.

No surprise, but the single most popular page continues to be my homepage. My About me page is now the second most popular destination with Toilets on the FOB a close third. Forward Operating Base Apache and Sleeping in Afghanistan round out the top 5 most read posts. I have nearly 1400 pictures posted on my blog. The one that has received the most single views is a picture of a group of US Army Reserve Soldiers that I took and posted for the mom of the guy on the far right just a few days ago (For a Mom).  If I would have guessed, I would have thought a picture of a little kid or a sunset would have been the most popular.

WordPress also tracks where links from my blog lead people. Without surprise, the most common thing is for readers to click links within my blog to get to another place within my blog. For external links, my Gravatar image is the most popular place people click, followed by Google maps and in a very close third is the Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System where I have 218 images posted. Many of these images have been used in various online and print publications.

My blog has lead a few readers to other blogs, the top six (because there was a tie at number 5) , in order are: north2thefuture, Bridging War & Hope, Morning Story and Dilbert, The Laughing Housewife, Marking Time and Just DFACS Ma’am.

That’s it for now; I think the next update will be when I surpass 75,000 views or 500 followers, whichever comes first…unless I change my mind.

Again I want to thank everyone for taking the time from your busy life to read my ramblings and look at my pictures. If you have any ideas on topics I should cover or tips on how to improve my pictures, please let me know. Comments are always appreciated.

Have a great day!

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  1. this is interesting to me as I am obsessed with the stats page so its nice to know I am not alone in this respect!

  2. Well done on your continued success! There is a lot of interest in you guys out there and the difficult job you do, so I’m not surprised you are doing so well.

    And what a lovely surprise as I read, to find my blog mentioned! I’m honoured to be connected to you.

    • danbohmer says:

      Thank you – you always make me laugh. I just put up my ‘Blog roll’ a couple weeks ago, it is nice to know that every once in awhile someone uses it!

  3. mike585 says:

    Congratulation, Dan! 🙂

  4. imexcited says:

    Congratulations! And thank you for mentioning my blog 🙂 Have a great day too!

  5. kathruth says:

    This doesn’t surprise me, you do a great job. You tell how it is over there, how soldiers are living. But you also show us the beautiful sunset, flowers. That what makes your blog so interesting.

  6. Congrats!! Over a thousand hits on your busiest day… I wish I could reach that high! 🙂

  7. deborah says:

    Just sent your site out to professional colleagues in Fiji,
    can’t promise a visit, but hoping one of them will come thru for you.

    • danbohmer says:

      thanks so much. I have to tell you the first time I read the comment I read it as ‘Fuji’, so I was very excited thinking maybe the Fuji people would like my pictures and offer me a bargain on a camera so I could shoot with their brand…but getting a reader from Fiji will be cool too.

  8. Deborah says:

    Found some colleagues in Liechtenstein too, emails sent, keeping my fingers crossed you’ll get your visitor(s).

  9. Linda says:

    Thanks for popping by my little bit of online real estate too and I’m happy to add myself to your stats as a follower as you’ve some stunning photography here.

  10. Love hearing about stats – they’re fascinating, aren’t they? I love how yours are such a reflection of how great your blog is – your readers and views are just growing and growing! And so they should – it is a wonderful blog. (We Australians need to get a move on and into the top 3!)

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